Is Flood Covered by Home Insurance?

Flood can be caused by torrential rain often associated with spring thunderstorms in Texas. Recent road construction, a creek coming out of its banks, slow steady rain over several days, recently built commercial developments, new home construction or simply a clogged street gutter backing up from the street into your yard are some other culprits of flooding.

Insuring Your Engagement Ring

Homeowners insurance can cover some jewelry up to a certain monetary value and protect from several perils. The most common perils are fire, windstorm, and theft. A typical home insurance policy only covers your jewelry up to a $500, 1,500, or maybe $5,000 depending on your policy terms and for only limited perils.

A Teenage boy and new driver behind wheel of his car

Adding a Young Driver to Your Texas Auto Policy

Starting long before your teen or college student receives a driver’s license, demonstrate the kind of safe driving behaviors you will expect, including never driving while distracted. Adding a young driver to your Texas auto policy can be a disruptive event for the family. Younger drivers are inexperienced behind the wheel and more susceptible to distraction when driving.

Government Shutdown Help

If you call and confirm you are government employee whose job has been furloughed due to the shutdown, and are having trouble making a payment as a result, some of our insurance companies have offered billing adjustments to temporarily assist during this unanticipated hardship.