At Britton and Britton Insurance, we know how important it is to take leisure time for yourself. The Texas Hill Country provides a great environment for a wide range of recreational vehicle use.

Whether you’re hoping to get out on the water in a boat, Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or other personal water craft (PWC), planning to tour the countryside in a camper or RV, or looking to enjoy open roads on a motorcycle or classic car, we’ve got insurance coverage options for you.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) and Boat Insurance

We work with multiple insurance companies to provide comprehensive coverage to protect not only your watercraft, but the people on it, and even your gear. With boat insurance, your boat is protected in the water and on land.

Comprehensive coverage can also include PWC insurance for your Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or other personal water crafts.

What We Cover

With every policy, we want to include coverage that you feel is right for you. We set out to make sure your leisure time is free of worry. You can customize your coverage options to get you exactly what you need in a boat insurance policy. Get started with a boat insurance quote today!

Agreed Value Option

Some of our PWC and boat insurance policies offer agreed value policies. When you open your policy with us, we will agree upon the value of your boat or personal watercraft. If your craft is declared a total loss due to a covered accident or theft, we cover you for that agreed upon value – the same dollar value it was when you first opened your policy with us. All you pay is your deductible.

Boating Gear Coverage

Personal effects coverage can protect your additional boating equipment. Items such as fishing poles, coolers, and more can be included. Unattached equipment like deck chairs, safety equipment, water skis, and electronics can also be covered at your request.

Hybrid and Electric Boats

Get rewarded with a lower insurance rate while saving on fuel costs. We offer discounts for your electric and hybrid boat insurance, or yacht.

Wreckage Removal and Fuel Spill Cleanup

If you encounter an accident and need wreckage recovery, your Safeco insurance policy through Britton and Britton will help cover the costs. Fuel and oil spills into the water are normally your responsibility to clean as the owner of the craft, but thankfully this can be covered through your policy.

How Far Away Am I Covered?

As a resident of Texas, a boat policy generally covers you, your boat, and some equipment up to 75 miles off the U.S. coastline, even into Canadian coastal waters.

Coverage Options

Contact Britton and Britton today to discuss any coverage options you may want to include in your policy. Popular coverage options include:

  • On-water assistance, which includes emergency fuel delivery, battery replacement, or towing in the case of your boat becoming stranded in the water.
  • New boat price protection, to help replace newer boats with comparable models in the event of a loss.
  • Roadside assistance for your boat, PWC, trailers, and vehicles you tow them with.
  • Increased personal effects coverage amount.
  • Increased emergency assistance coverage amount.
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Camper and RV Insurance

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country is by exploring it with an RV or camper. As you venture into the countryside in your motorhome, pop-up tent trailer, or fifth wheel, make sure you’ve got the right insurance plan for you.

Britton and Britton Insurance offers coverage options for these vehicles, and even motorhomes, travel trailers, and homes on a bus. All of these are considered Recreational Vehicles, and can be insured to protect your investment!

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What We Cover

Our Insurance companies offer a generous season in which you’ll be able to use your recreational vehicles. For just a weekend away, or all 365 days out of the year. You can have insurance coverage on your vehicle, so you can use it when you see fit.

That means you can spend a full year camping, sightseeing, or conquering miles of open road, without worrying about potential damage to your vehicles. Plus, we’ll help you save money for the off-season if you decide to keep your vehicles in storage.

Similar to an auto insurance policy, RV insurance offers these basics:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payments (Med Pay)
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM)
  • Collision

Get started with a camper/RV insurance quote here!

Customize Your RV Insurance Policy

We’d love to take the time to advise you on custom policy options that suit your needs. Some of the most popular coverage options for campers and RVs include:

  • Roadside Assistance – helps cover the cost of breakdowns and repairs, like flat tires, towing, and locksmith services.
  • Emergency Assistance – includes the above roadside assistance options, plus coverage for personal property damage, temporary living expenses, and emergency transportation costs.
  • Audio-visual or Custom Equipment coverage – Add coverage for after-market parts you have permanently installed on your recreational vehicle, like TVs, modified engines, exterior awnings, or other custom modifications.
  • Loan or Lease protection – If your vehicle is declared a total loss, this option covers the difference between the amount remaining on your loan and the full worth of the vehicle.
  • Diminishing deductible – if you’ve been claim free for a year, some of our insurance companies reduce your collision deductible by $100 per year. For example your $500 deductible compounds for up to five claims free years, until you have a $0 deductible.
  • Personal Property Coverage – Damage or theft of your belongings while they are in your RV can be covered.
  • Electronic Lock and Key Replacement – Covers replacement of stolen or lost electronic keys, with no deductible cost to you when you choose this option.
  • Pet Coverage – If your pet is injured in a collision, your policy can help cover veterinary expenses with some of our carriers.

Full Timer’s Package

One of our coverage packages caters to those who use their RV as a primary residence year-round. Our Full Timer’s Package includes extra coverages that aren’t on the traditional RV insurance policy. There are additional options for personal property (your belongings inside the RV), personal liability, medical payments to others, loss assessment and storage shed contents, if you wish to insure any of these items.

Talk to your Britton and Britton agent to get started customizing a Full Timer’s Package today!

Scooter and Motorcycle Insurance

Britton and Britton Insurance covers a wide variety of motorbikes, including mopeds, dirt bikes, scooters and all styles of motorcycles. We’ll also cover your all-terrain vehicle (or ATV), golf cart, or even a snowmobile. If you want to discuss the ins and outs of customizing your policy, get in touch with Britton and Britton today!

What We Cover

In addition to collision coverage and personal injury protection, we offer several policy options to supplement riders specifically. These coverage options include:

  • New Harley Replacement – With every motorcycle policy, we can include coverage for up to two years after you purchase your new Harley-Davidson.
  • Customized motorcycle insurance – We work with you so you can request every option you need on your policy.
  • Custom parts and equipment – If you want to insure any custom parts on your bike, you can add on this option for additional coverage. You can increase this protection up to $20,000 per bike.
  • Guest passenger liability – This option works just like bodily injury liability coverage, but covers the guest passenger you’re riding your motorcycle with.
  • Safety apparel coverage – Your safety gear is important. That’s why we can insure for replacing helmets, jackets, boots, and gloves damaged in an accident.
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Antique and Classic Car Insurance

It’s about more than the age of the car. Does your favorite weekend activity include taking the top down in your restored 1960’s coupe and letting the wind blow through your hair? As you cruise country roads in your antique car or modern classic, make sure you have an insurance plan that can keep up with you.

Britton and Britton Insurance offers coverage options for these classic vehicles, and even collector cars, replicas or reproductions. All of these are considered in our products for Classic Automobiles, and can be insured to protect your asset!

What We Cover

Our coverage options for classic cars are designed to give you peace of mind in your restored automobile. When you’re taking a leisurely drive, you don’t want to be worried about your car – you want to enjoy it! Here are some of the policy options we provide to antique and collector car owners:

  • Agreed Value Option – in the event of a total loss, all you pay is the deductible. We’ll cover up to the car’s insured agreed value, which you’ll decide upon with your agent when you purchase your policy.
  • Insurance Discount – drive less than 5,000 miles a year? You can receive discounted insurance rates on your vehicle.
  • Flexible Coverage – If you store your vehicle inside during the winter, you can shift your coverage options to save money while you’re not using your car.

To keep your investments secured, you can start on a quote or contact your Britton and Britton agent today! Take the worry out of your recreational vehicles, so that you can enjoy your time in them even more.