With Britton and Britton Insurance, you can rent your property to tenants without worry. We work with you to create a policy that covers the options you request, customized on your coverage selections.

Single Family and Duplex Insurance

We provide coverage plans for all types of rental properties, including condo, homeowner, single family homes, multi-family spaces, condo, short term rental (STR), duplexes, three- and fourplex, and even small condominium or apartment buildings. Regardless of the number of tenants you’re renting to, you want your property to be protected.

We understand the importance of your investment, and the risks you take when choosing tenants. That’s why we help you put together options that cover your expenses in the event of damage.

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What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

If you have rental properties or tenant, you are a landlord. Landlord insurance or Dwelling Fire insurance is a policy for somebody who rents out their home on a long-term basis, operates a home share, or a short term rental (STR). For individuals who are non-commercial landlords and own a single- to four-family properties, landlord protection insurance includes property damage insurance, and can also help cover you on unique dangers such as premises liability for trip and fall, personal injury or loss of rental income.

A Dwelling Fire Policy differs from a standard Texas homeowner’s insurance policy by explicitly listing the hazards covered; all else would then be excluded. Despite what the name suggests, a broad form dwelling fire policy can also protect your dwelling from perils other than fire such as lightning, internal explosion, wind or hailstorm, riot or civil commotion, smoke from fire damage, aircraft, vandalism and malicious mischief, or other covered perils per policy.

A Landlord dwelling policy can protect the home or structure you rent while providing additional optional converges such as water backup, extended dwelling coverage, liability coverage, personal injury and loss of rental income. Liability protects you if your tenant sues you because they had a slip and fall accident on the stairs due to handrail that was loose. Both Landlord and dwelling fire insurance can help provide financial protection if your home or property is damaged, after a catastrophic event.

A landlord or dwelling fire policy differs from a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. If you’re a landlord or insuring any property that is not your primary residence, a dwelling fire policy can help protect you from financial loss. Whether you make a living renting multiple properties or you are an “unintentional landlord,” renting the home you just moved out of, or leasing a room as a short term rental. The standard Texas policy will not cover homes being rented out without a special endorsement or separate policy depending on the scenario. Landlord insurance is important for homeowner’s to carry and protect their investment.

Wrongful Eviction or Entry

Lawsuits claiming wrongful or illegal eviction can be a headache, to say the least. Wrongful entry is a difficult legal battle to face. Don’t let the expenses of fighting these charges cause even more anxiety. Let us help cover the cost with your landlord insurance policy.

Repair and Rebuilding Costs

With your landlord insurance policy through Britton and Britton, you can get up to 25% more than the limit actually stated in your policy. If you make a claim of major or total loss to your rental property, we offer an option to extend dwelling coverage to help pay for repairs or rebuilding costs above and beyond your initial policy amount.

Short-Term Rental Coverage

Not all homeowners or landlord insurance policies cover short term rentals. Britton and Britton Insurance bridges this gap with coverage options for short term rentals, whether you’re the tenant, or the landlord.

Customize Your Plan to Suit Your Needs

Depending on your property or tenants, you might need additional coverage options. You could also potentially remove “extra” coverage from your policy to save on your annual premium. We offer basic, good and better policy option that you can customize to fit your unique needs and budget.

At Britton and Britton Insurance, we’d love to help you customize your landlord insurance policy for exactly your needs. That way, you can save money on the options you don’t need, and prevent loss with options that can protect your investment.

What is Not Covered

Generally a policy covers damage or loss from the basic such as fire, windstorm, hail, lighting except for perils the policy lists as not covered

  • There is a common misconception that a tenant’s belongings will be covered by the landlord’s insurance. Your tenant needs a renters insurance policy to protect whatever stuff they bring with them. Not only are tenants belonging not covered, neither are eviction costs.
  • Updates, additions and improvements to your home may increase or change the amount of coverage you need. Some common home changes include: installing hardwood floors, updating a kitchen with granite countertops adding a deck or pool. As a result, it is essential to periodically review your coverage and request your agent complete a revised reconstruction estimate based on today’s building material and labor costs.
  • Even if a property is not located in a hazardous flood zone, flood damage can still occur due to heavy rains, clog street gutter, excessive run off, land movement. Flood and earthquake are not included on a home policy in Texas.
  • Vacant Property coverage may be purchased if a rental property is vacant for an extended period of time, generally longer than 30 days. For example, a landlord is between tenants or is performing renovations.
  • Wear and tear appliances, equipment breakdown, plumbing or HVAC are not included in an insurance policy A landlord may wish to consider purchasing rental home warranty to pay for items of this nature.

Although these are general guidelines for what is included in dwelling coverage, it is important to read your policy closely to understand exactly is excluded. Coverage will vary from insurer to another insurer, and it is important to read your policy to understand the scope of the insurance plan.

At Britton and Britton Insurance, we’d love to help you customize your landlord insurance policy for exactly your needs. That way, you can save money on the options you don’t need, and prevent loss with options that can protect your investment.

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