We Can Insure Your Business
Getting business insurance in Texas is essential to keeping your business afloat. The Austin area is famous for local business, and the population density brings in lots of customers.

As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to protect your assets, employees, and profits for the future of you and your company.

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Business Insurance For Any Size Company, Big or Small

Britton & Britton is an independent insurance service. We’re not tied to any company. That means we can search through many insurance policies from dozens of insurance companies to find the perfect insurance policy to protect the unique assets of your company.

Britton & Britton agents can assist you in finding large-scale coverage for a big employee base. You’ll be able to cover your offices, employees, and the work you do to ensure that your business stays successful.

Small Business Insurance

For small companies, we can help you find liability insurance to keep your business above water while you grow. The financial struggles of raising a business can be tough to navigate, and insurance can quickly turn into a logistical and monetary hassle. The agents at Britton & Britton understand the trials of an evolving business and can help you choose an insurance package that balances coverage with cost.
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Business Auto Insurance

Does your business require your employees to travel? Do you need to carry equipment or maintain a fleet of company vehicles? You can protect your cars and their drivers from the expense of accidents with the help of business auto insurance. Get special rates for fleets and never worry about workplace auto accident expenses again!

Types of Liability Insurance for Business

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Workers Compensation

If an employee at your company is injured due to negligence of the company or a safety oversight on company property, you’ll need coverage to offset the cost of damages.

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Professional Liability

In the event of a civil lawsuit brought to your company by an employee, make sure that you have the necessary coverage to keep your business running with costs at a minimum.

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Employment Practice Liability

Safeguard your company against lawsuits brought forth by employees from wrongful acts in the workplace.

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Commercial Auto Fleet Insurance

Many businesses rely on a fleet of vehicles to complete their daily tasks. Businesses such as Taxi services, car rental companies, food trucks, delivery services and construction companies can benefit from commercial auto. A business fleet insurance with multiple vehicles can be more affordable than insuring each car individually.

Help protect your vehicles, trucks, trailers and their drivers from the full expense of accidents with the help of business auto insurance. Get special rates for fleets and worry less about workplace auto accident expenses.

Taking care of your employees and customers is a great priority. At Britton & Britton, taking care of our clients is our priority. Let us help you cover all of the important parts of your company with business insurance in Austin and all over Texas today!