Happy Valentine’s Day

Britton and Britton Insurance is passionate about working with our clients and thought we’d share why we love what we do. We love the satisfaction we get every day by helping you. Having the answers to your insurance questions makes our jobs worthwhile. Customer service is a huge part of what we do. We are…

Hurricane Harvey Prep List

Hurricane Harvey has strengthened with heavy rain and winds already beginning to hit coastal cities. We hope that no one is hurt or experiences property damage from the storm, but if it happens we want you to be prepared with the right information for filing claims and communicating promptly. When a storm hits Texas, our…

hurricane matthew off the coast of florida

Why Do They Name Hurricanes?

Tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic are given names to reduce confusion in communications when two or more storms occur simultaneously. Traditionally, storms were only assigned female names, much like a sailing vessel. However, the naming system was revised about 40 years ago.